What Affirmations Are!

In addition to traditional and advanced coaching techniques, we will also utilize the very best of modern New Thought techniques, including visualization, manifestation, attraction, and positive psychology. The glittering jewels from our treasury of personal development resources…and the backbone of Declare Coaching…are affirmations!

An affirmation is any statement that we tell ourselves and subscribe to be true. They are the words and the thoughts that go on to shape our perceptions, behaviors, actions, and results. How? Because the mind is our processing center! Here in the cerebral space we:

  • Iron out details
  • Examine all possible scenarios
  • Assign judgment
  • Determine if our intention is achievable
  • Color it with our perceptions 

After this analysis, we ultimately decide if we are going to take action…BASED OFF OF whether or not we have decided if it will be a success or not. So whether we think we can or we can’t…we’re right! And it all starts before we even take one external action.   

Because of the very real magnitude that these thoughts carry into the reality of our lives, it is imperative that what we are thinking is in alignment with what it is we want to achieve. 

The internal is reflected in the external; always! Remember: an affirmation is anything we believe to be true and though we focus on using them in the most positive, empowering ways, the majority of the time we unconsciously use them to destroy, limit, and stifle our potential. 

Can affirmations be used to magnify the “bad” in our lives? ABSOLUTELY! Let’s say you’re operating out of the belief (affirmation) that “I am a disappointment, I can’t do anything right, and I’m a failure.”

From a metaphysical point of view, it’s important to know that the Universe always says “Yes! That’s true! Let me support that for you!” You then will be rewarded for these thoughts by the right people coming into your life to tear you down, hostile scenarios to keep you back, and always falling short of the finish line. More tangibly, because of this operating belief, you will assign incredibly high standards for yourself, set yourself up to fail, and not take the best actions to bring yourself success.

On a subconscious level, you tell yourself that you are a failure…and both the Universe and your actions will support it. Always.

At Declare Coaching, we specialize in making your thoughts work for you instead of against you! We provide the platform to help you grow from limiting beliefs and partner with you to not only restore your authentic operating system to its natural state of joy and construction, but also to institute lasting improvements you will notice, one thought at a time!

Through exploration, insight, and desire, the former negative belief that “I am a disappointment, I can’t do anything right, and I’m a failure” is transformed into:  

“I am more than enough to achieve everything that is in alignment with my highest good. I am strong, I am focused, and in all things, I know most importantly that I am divinely guided towards being exactly where it is that I need to be!

I am a success, not because of what I do, but because of who I am. I give thanks for this ability to create my life and for the supported KNOWING that everything I see is a reflection of what it is that I have attracted!

The power is mine and I love who I am. Yes! I am a success! I am enough! I am whole! I create a beautiful reality which is my life!

All is well…and so am I!”

Which of those beliefs do you think will bear the most fruit? This is where the choice is yours. Affirmations put you in the driver’s seat and are one of the most powerful ways to shift from victim to victory. Supportive thoughts help you state quite definitively that you are responsible for your actions and that you are deserving to receive the results from them.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you see results when you commit to your new, loving, positive thoughts with the same intensity that you gave the destructive, negative ones! Many people see results instantly; they feel immediately more centered, calm, lighter, and confident. Perspectives start to shift, new light begins to shine on former problems, and the life you have visualized reveals itself into reality.

For others, it may take time for the affirmations to set in because many of these core beliefs have been in place for years…if not decades! Either way, this is your journey! It all starts with the conscious choice to experience life differently than it was before; to make new decisions, set fresh practices in place, and always put yourself in the advantage to win!

Affirmations are like friends who are always there to support you, love you, nurture you, and cheer you on! They help to reveal who you truly are meant to be at a core level! And that person is phenomenal…and ready for you!

Let’s Declare:

“Incredible life opportunities happen for me in glorious ways! Fantastic new journeys are just beginning as I take control of life and live within the divine flow of all that is good.

This is a truly majestic time in my life and I dedicate every action and thought to it with gratitude! The same source energy that moves the wind, hydrates the earth, and gives light to the sun lives through me and I remain constantly connected to this brilliant fount of love and knowledge.

I know that in all that is good I am continuously supported by the strength of the Universe, surrounded by the power of the saints, and always led by the love of the angels. This brilliant life is my right and I receive it now with thanks!

All is well...and so am I!”

And so it is! 

Many blessings,

Thomas Dunleavy, CPC